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About GMP

The mission of Georgia Milk Producers is to support, sustain and grow the Georgia dairy industry. Georgia Milk Producers serves as an advocate promoting Georgia’s dairy industry and educating producers and the public to help build a stronger, viable industry.
Georgia Milk Producers is a producer-funded organization located in Watkinsville, Georgia. Georgia's dairy producers vote, by referendum, every three years to maintain its operation. Producers pay a 1-cent per hundredweight assessment enabling Georgia Milk to operate programs of communication, promotion and education. 
Our Board
Matt Johnson.jpg

Matt Johnson, Georgia Milk Producers President.

his wife Laura and two children beautiful girls!

There are 16 dairy producers elected to our Board of Directors: 7 district directors and 9 statewide directors.  Each district director is elected to serve on our Board during our fall district meetings.  Statewide directors are elected to serve during our Annual Meeting.  Our current slate of directors for 2022:


President – Matt Johnson, Climax            Jason Martin, Bowersville

Vice President – Adam Graft, Americus   Kenneth Murphy, Luthersville

Secretary – Scott Glover, Clermont          Charlie Lane, Monticello

Treasurer – Megan Bell, Madison             Jeff Smith, Comer

                                                                  Benny Overholt, Marshallville

                                                                  Troy Yoder, Montezuma

                                                                  Eldon Eberly, Waynesboro

                                                                  Calvin Moody, Valdosta                                                                                  Everett Williams, Madison       

                                                                  Tal Talton, Bonaire

                                                                  Harry Schaapman, Abbeville

Matt Johnson.jpg
Matt Johnson
Adam Graft.png
Adam Graft

Georgia Milk Producers is producer-funded through a one-cent per hundredweight checkoff on all milk produced in Georgia.  Georgia's dairy farm families  vote, by referendum, every three years to maintain operation.  In 2022, our referendum passed with 100 percent of those voting in favor to maintain our organization.


Checkoff money funds the communication and educational programs of Georgia Milk Producers.  Our organization is committed to using your pennies effectively and efficiently. 


To provide a direct return of investment to our dairy farm families, Georgia Milk Producers sponsors several seminars and conferences so dairymen can attend at little or no cost.  Over the last several years, these have included the Georgia Dairy Conference, Georgia Dairy Managers Series, SE Dairy Herd Management Conference, SE Milk Quality Initiative, Certified Waste Operator Trainings and the Ag Labor Relations Forum.  

Scott Glover.jpg
Scott Glover
Megan Bell

Executive Board of Directors
 Matt Johnson, President, Statewide Director, Climax; Adam Graft, Vice-President, Statewide Director, Americus;
Scott Glover, Secretary, Statewide, District 1; Megan Bell, Treasurer, Statewide-District 3

Jason Martin.png
Jason Martin
Kenneth Murphy.png.jpg
Kenneth Murphy
Charlie Lane.png
Charlie Lane
Jeff Smith.jpg
Jeff Smith
Troy Yoder.jpg
Troy Yoder
Calvin Moody.jpg
Calvin Moody
Everette Williams.jpg
Eldon Eberly
Tal Talton
Harry Schaapman
Benny Overholt
Everett Williams

 Board of Directors
Jason Martin, Bowersville, District 1; Kenneth Murphy, Luthersville, District 2; Charlie Lane, Monticello, District 3; Jeff Smith, Comer, District 4; Benny Overholt, Marshallville, District 5; Troy Yoder, Montezuma, District 5; Eldon Eberly, Waynesboro, District 6; Calvin Moody, Quitman, District 7; Everett Williams, Madison, Statewide; Tal Talton, Bonaire, Statewide; Harry Schaapman, Abbeville, Statewide, 

Our Office
Our office is located in Watkinsville, Georgia, just south of Athens.   
Address:      Georgia Milk Producers Inc.                                                                                   1641 New High Shoals Road, Suite 5                   
                     Watkinsville, Georgia  30677
Georgia Milk Producers, Inc. is managed by Bryce Trotter, Executive Director, in Watkinsville, Georgia. Originally from Thomasville, Georgia, Trotter attended Davidson College before serving in various policy roles at the Georgia Department of Agriculture. He has served as the organization’s director since July 2022.  He and his wife, Emma, currently reside in Gainesville, Georgia with their dog, Kylo.

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