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Georgia's Dairy Industry


  • Georgia currently has 79 dairy farms and is home to 92,000 dairy cows.

  • Georgia dairy industry contributes close to $3.4 Billion to Georgia’s economy each year.

  • The total amount of milk produced in the state during 2022 amounted to 235 million gallons (or 2.02 billion pounds of milk).

  • Georgia has 2 commercial milk processing plants located in Atlanta and Lawrenceville.

  • From 2002 to 2022, Georgia increased milk production by 42.8 percent.  

  • Top 6 ranking dairy counties in 2021 by farm gate value:

1. Macon            4. Sumter

         2. Burke                  5. Morgan

3. Brooks            6. Putnam 

Relocating to Georgia?

Relocating or building a new dairy farm in Georgia? Download our Georgia Dairy Industry Information Packet Here.

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