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Producer Resources & Education

Our organization believes that education is fundamental for the success of the dairy industry in Georgia.  Dairy producers face unique challenges and require education and training to ensure their success. Dairymen must continue to learn as much as possible on developments in technology, science, business management, and an array of other skills that affect their businesses.  Georgia Milk Producers provides exceptional educational programs that increase the producers’ knowledge in these areas and help them adopt practices that are profitable, environmentally friendly, and improve the quality of milk they produce.

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Georgia Dairy Conference


 Each January, our organization hosts the Georgia Dairy Conference. This three-day event features nationally known speakers, industry vendors, dairy wives events, dairy youth fundraising activities, and a student symposium for college students. Our planning committee works hard to provide relevant, innovative and valuable topics and speakers to those attending each year. It is an excellent educational program that focuses on a wide range of issues impacting the dairy community.




Our organization utilizes several communication platforms to keep dairy producers engaged and connected.  Georgia Milk Producers provides timely, useful content to producers through print and digital content.  Our goal through our communication programs is to deepen relationships and cultivate connections that will strengthen our voice.


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Fall District Meetings


Each September, our staff and leaders travel to the 7 GMP districts across the state to meet with producers and to provide a report on the activities of their producer[ organization. Our directors make every effort to answer any questions producers have about finance and organization activities.

Environmental Regulations


LAS permit holders (dairies with 300 – 1,000 cows)

Dairies with 300-1,000 cows must apply for a new LAS state permit as soon as possible.  Each LAS permit holder needs to mail a Notice of Termination (NOT) for their current LAS permit and a Notice of Intent (NOI) to apply for the new state LAS permit. If a LAS permit holder needs a copy of the NOT or NOI form, please contact the Georgia Milk Producers office. 

CAFO permit holders (dairies with more than 1,000 cows) 

Dairies with more than 1,000 cows have an option to terminate their current NPDES federal permit and apply for the new state LAS permit. If a producer would like to keep their current NPDES federal permit they must notify EPD as soon as possible.  CAFO/NPDES permit holders must decide which permit is best for their operation by Dec. 31, 2014. NPDES dairies need to seek advice from their Certified Nutrient Planner or consultant and review the federal CAFO rule at this link to determine the best permit coverage needed for their dairy farm.


Click here to view NPDES/LAS Large CAFO Inspection Check List

Click here to view LAS Medium CAFO Inspection Check List

Click here to View Nutrient Management Plan Check List

LAS and NPDES permit holders going out of business must notify EPD as soon as possible.  Each certified nutrient management plan approved by GDA and EPD includes a lagoon closure plan. The permit holder must close the lagoon within 24 months. If the permit holder would like to maintain operation of the lagoon after their dairy farm has closed, then they must apply for the appropriate permit determined by EPD. If a dairy has a lagoon, no LAS permit and less than 300 cows, than that dairy is not required to contact EPD or close the lagoon.

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