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Our Programs

Georgia Milk Producers represents dairymen at various Agricultural promotional events, in the legislative arena as an educational advocate, and at state and federal pricing and environmental hearings. Our organization acts as a catalyst for change. We do not own cattle or sell milk and can’t single-handedly turn around a bad market. Yet, we serve as your self-help tool to work for the success of the industry in Georgia and the Southeast.

Georgia Milk Producers is committed to using your assessment effectively and efficiently. Our organization funds several seminars and events for our producers so that they may attend at no cost. Our workshops and seminars educate dairymen on current technologies and resources to enhance their production performance and lower their cost of production. Click Here to read more on our producer education programs.

Through monthly newsletters, emails, news articles and social media, Georgia Milk Producers connects with dairymen, industry affiliates and the public.  Click Here for more information on our communications program and to view our publications.

Georgia Milk Producers attends several events across Georgia to promote Georgia's dairy industry among the public, youth and legislators. GMP organizes and maintains administrative duties for the Georgia Dairy Youth Foundation and Georgia's Mobile Dairy Classroom.  Click Here for more information on Georgia's dairy youth programs and industry promotion.


Georgia Milk Producers works closely with other organizations to further the mission of GMP. Our organization is actively involved with the development of laws and regulations influencing Georgia's dairy industry.  We continually analyze the impacts of positive, as well as negative, issues that confront the dairyman's ability to be profitable.

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