EPD Spare Tire Waiver for GA Dairy Farms

The GA EPD has finalized their waiver for spare tire use on GA dairy farms. Below you will find a copy of the waiver and instructions.  All Georgia dairy farms using more than 100 spare tires on-farm need to complete the waiver. Special thanks to Bryan Tolar and the GA Agribusiness Council for their help in securing the waiver for our dairymen.

***Regardless of size, any Georgia dairy farm that uses spare tires on their farm (over 100 tires) will need to complete the waiver and return to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division - under the current law, you can not transport more than 10 spare tires at a time***



Last August, a Georgia dairyman contacted Farrah Newberry with the Georgia Milk Producers after he was unable to acquire spare tires from a local dealer due to new EPD rule changes. Newberry contacted state regulators with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to investigate the issue and found that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Board was in the process of finalizing regulations for used tire disposal.


The DNR Board was amending tire regulations to combat improper tire disposal and to improve mosquito control issues. Newberry realized quickly that the proposed rule changes would severely impact the dairy industry, where many used tires are the popular tool to help secure tarps that cover silage used for feed.


State law provides for a waiver for agricultural uses, but no process to access a waiver had been outlined and initiated. Newberry contacted the Georgia Agribusiness Council to assist with securing a waiver application to ensure used tires could be stored and utilized on a dairy farm and that additional tires could be obtained if needed. Many dairies also utilize sidewalls when they are available because they are easier to handle for farm employees and don't hold rainwater that invites mosquitoes and other pests. Unfortunately, tire sidewalls are often not readily available to farm operations.


The DNR Board stated they would adjust the definition in regulations to clearly state that all tires (whole or in part) would be covered by the waiver. It took several months to finalize the rules, and a waiver for Georgia dairy farms was finally released last week. The waiver ties the intent of state law and associated best management practices (BMPs). 


Georgia Milk Producers would like to thank Bryan Tolar and the Georgia Agribusiness Council for their efforts in securing a waiver for Georgia dairymen. This would have not been possible without their assistance. We also appreciate the cooperation of state regulators on this matter.