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  • Farrah Newberry

Spring Cleaning

Moon Dairy, Buckhead, GA

Spring, especially for Agriculture, is a busy time of year. As the days grow longer and the

temperatures start to warm up, farmers are busy preparing for the growing season. It is an exciting time of rebirth and renewal for the industry.

This month our Board of Directors completed a little spring cleaning for our organization by participating in a strategic planning session. Our Board examined the purpose of Georgia Milk, reviewed our programs and developed a plan of action that will help our leadership focus on the crucial issues and challenges our industry will face this year.

Strategic planning is not much fun, but is useful for designing a road map for the future. Many times I've heard people in Agriculture say that dairymen are independent thinkers and often disagree on most issues. However, that is not the case for our organization. Our Board sets personal issues aside and works together for the sake of our industry.

SO - THANK YOU to our 16 Board of Directors for serving and representing the dairy families in each district. Each of you bring a different type of passion, intellect, insight, and experience to the table. We appreciate your service, loyalty, leadership and guidance.

Farrah Newberry

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