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  • Farrah Newberry

Let's Get Loud!

So I have to admit something, I am a loud softball mom (see video to left). I carry an annoying cow bell to the ball field and most often scream "RUN" or "WOOOOO" when my child hits the ball or throws a strike. I can't help it! I love watching my kids compete, endure and stay passionate about something they enjoy.

Why am I sharing this bit of personal information with you today? Because I believe that Southeast dairy farmers need to make noise too!

After traveling Georgia for the last couple of weeks for our fall district meetings, it's clear to me that most dairy farmers are concerned for the future of their businesses - fluid milk sales have shown little improvement over the last 20 years, high input costs are killing profits and depressed milk prices seem to be here to stay.

In order for the Southeast to turn the market around, dairy farmers must come together and work loudly, despite the size or type of dairy (grazing, organic, or conventional).

Speak up! Dairy farmers must hold legislators, cooperatives, producer organizations and checkoff programs accountable. Your milk sales fund these organizations. Get involved, attend meetings and voice your opinions and expectations.

Finally, demand innovation (I know - I said this in May, but it needs repeating)! Innovation is the key to rebuilding our Southeast dairy industry. Our products must be convenient, nutritious, and taste good. There's no such thing as pride when it comes to meeting customers' demands. As the market evolves, our processors must evolve too.

So join us (and my cowbell)! Let's come together, speak up for the Southeast and work to improve our industry's future.


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