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  • Farrah Newberry


My favorite day of elementary school was FIELD DAY. It was always a fun-filled event with competitions like the three legged race, egg toss, and my favorite, the "tug-of-war". You know, the kind with a thick, scratchy rope that will give you the worst rope burn if you let go? Two groups pulling against each other … and, in between, a nasty mud hole.

Those were much simpler times, right?

Unfortunately the dairy industry is caught up in several "tug-of-wars" right now over issues like NAFTA, trade, immigration, plant closures, export tariffs, etc. There are too many ropes to hold and it has become challenging to stand firm. But, we must dig our heels in and continue to fight.

Dairy producers are not holding the rope alone. There are several groups, like the Georgia Milk Producers, holding the ropes too, trying to ease the tension for producers. Our organization works with groups like National Milk Producers, the American Dairy Coalition, Farm Bureau and several state Ag associations to ensure producers are represented at the state and local legislative levels.

Georgia Milk Producers also understands that dairymen are weary. Four years of depressing milk prices have taken a toll on every farm. In fact we have learned of at least 5 more GA dairy farms closing this month or within the next weeks.

We continue to tell your story to consumers, legislators and the media (check out a podcast released this month from the Southern Foodway Alliance featuring two GA dairy farm families.) We hope that you too will remain part of the conversation. Please attend co-op meetings, producer group board meetings and dairy promotion events. It's important that you share your thoughts with each group, including the GA Milk Board of Directors and staff. The stronger our team becomes, the sooner we will win our "tug-of-war".

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